Alert Files

To ensure consistent and high-quality display across various platforms, certain standards and best practices are recommended.

Static Alert Files

File Format

  • It is recommended to use transparent PNG files. This ensures that the alert integrates seamlessly into any background without showing undesired black "edges" or other artifacts.

Note: If your alert design is a perfect square or rectangle without any transparent elements, this might not be necessary.


  • Different platforms have distinct alert naming conventions (e.g., YouTube uses "Memberships" while Twitch uses "Subscribers"). To cater to a broad audience:

    • Save variations of your alert with appropriate text "titles" for each interaction type.

    • Ensure that you're familiar with the unique terminologies used by different platforms and incorporate them accordingly.

Animated Alert Files

File format

  • Animated alerts should be saved in the WEBM format with transparency. This avoids any black "edges" which might appear during the animation and detract from the viewer's experience.

Empty Frames

  • It is crucial to ensure that both the starting and ending frames of your animation are "empty". This means they should ideally be transparent or blend naturally into the background. Doing so ensures a smooth transition when the alert begins and concludes.


  • Just like static alerts:

    • Design and save variations of your animated alert with changed text "titles" for different interaction types.

    • Stay updated on the terminologies used across platforms and adapt your alert names accordingly.

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