One Click Setups

The "one click setup" allows Makers to simplify the installation process for alert packs.

By leveraging "one click setups", Makers can provide comprehensive alert configurations to their customers, minimizing manual setups and ensuring seamless integration with platforms such as StreamElements or Streamlabs.

Understanding the "One Click Setup" File:

  • File Type: Typically, a "one click setup" comes as an HTML document, which encompasses all necessary information and code to execute the custom alerts.

  • Contents: This document can include custom HTML, CSS, and JS code tailored to render the alert's design, animations, and interactivity.

Benefits of the "One Click Setup"

  • Ease of Installation: Customers can directly install their desired alerts to their streaming platform, eliminating the need for complex configurations.

  • Preserved Customizations: Designers and developers can embed and share their unique alert settings, ensuring that the end-user experiences the alert as initially envisioned.

  • Time Efficient: Reduces customers' time setting up their alerts, allowing them to focus on their core streaming activities.

  • StreamElements & Streamlabs: Both platforms are compatible with the "one click setup", ensuring broad usability. Whether it's a unique animation or a distinct sound effect, all elements of the custom alert can be preserved and executed perfectly across these platforms.

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