StreamElements introduces the "Elements" feature, enabling content creators and designers to share their custom Alerts and Widgets seamlessly.


"Elements" is a cutting-edge tool within StreamElements, designed to facilitate the sharing and utilization of custom Alerts and Widgets.

  • Sharing: With this feature, users can not only create but also distribute their designs, empowering a wider audience to benefit from their creative assets.


  • Quick Guide Video: StreamElements provides a concise and easy-to-follow walkthrough video to help users understand and make the most out of the "Elements" feature.

SDK Documentation:

  • Comprehensive Guide: For those interested in a deeper dive into the technical aspects or wish to integrate the feature at an advanced level, StreamElements offers thorough SDK documentation.

    • Details: This documentation covers everything from basic setups to intricate configurations, ensuring that both beginners and experts can leverage the feature to its full potential.

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