Streamlabs has simplified the process for sharing custom alerts and widgets.

By integrating a seamless one-click setup, users can easily share their custom creations and allow others to import them instantly, enhancing the overall streaming experience.

Steps to Share Alerts and Widgets

  1. Accessing Your Account: Begin by logging into your Streamlabs account.

  2. Navigating to Themes: Once inside, click on the "Manage Themes" option. This will direct you to the section where you can view and manage all your custom themes, alerts, and widgets.

  3. Sharing Your Creation: Beside each theme, alert, or widget, there's a share icon. Clicking this icon will generate a unique shareable link tailored to that specific creation.

Creating a Shortcut for Easy Access

  • Shortcut Creation: After obtaining the shareable link, navigate to your Alerts folder. Within this folder, create a new shortcut.

  • Pasting the Link: Paste the previously copied shareable link into this newly created shortcut.

    • Note: This enables a user-friendly access point. Anyone with the shortcut can click on it to directly import the associated alert or widget without any additional hassle.

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