Specs for platform badges that you might want to provide in a Badge Pack.

Badges are a crucial aspect of streaming platforms, enabling streamers to recognize and celebrate their community's achievements and participation levels. This guide outlines the specific requirements and specifications for badge packages across various platforms.

Twitch Subscriber Badges

  • Badge Slots: 14

  • Size Requirements: Each badge should be available in three sizes:

    • 18x18px

    • 36x36px

    • 72x72px

  • Format & Background: PNG format with a transparent background.

  • File Size Limit: Must not exceed 25kb per badge image.

  • Flair Options: Two additional "flair" options that layer atop the badges. These follow the same guidelines as the badges.

Twitch Bits Badges

  • Badge Tiers: 28

  • Size Requirements: Similar to subscriber badges, each bits badge should have:

    • 18x18px

    • 36x36px

    • 72x72px

  • Total File Size Limit: The combined size of all three images for each badge should be under 40kb.

YouTube Membership Badges

  • Minimum Size: 32x32px (Note: Displayed at 14x14px in comments and 16x16px in live chat).

  • Accepted Formats: JPEG or PNG.

  • File Size Limit: Each badge must be under 1MB.

Discord Role Badges

  • Size Requirement: 64x64px.

  • File Size Limit: Maximum 256kb.

Product Files Packaging

  • File Organization: Compress all badge files into a single product folder.

    • To support multiple platforms, use subfolders within the product folder to separate badges by platform.

  • Platform-wise Support: It's essential to provide each badge size for every platform you plan to support within the pack.

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