Step 4: File Structure

This is essential, as the configuration of the OBS Scene Collection as well as the folder structure is critical for parsing the final script with the Countfigurator.

  1. Create a folder named after your Counter.

  2. Structure the folder with sub-folders for assets, animations, and backgrounds.

  3. Make sure to include all necessary files and your LUA script files for both 1080 and 720.

Counter Project Folder Structure

Your project folder, let's call it Counter Folder, should contain:

  • 📁 Counter Folder

    • 📄 Project file (.json)

    • 📂 assets

      • 📂 animations

        • ▶️ Animation files

        📂 backgrounds

        • 🖼️ Image files

Template Folder

Project Files

Please be sure to save all your JSONs. These are not intended to be distributed to the customer but this is important to save for future updates and patches that may be required to your Counter. This JSON is your project file.

  • counter_config_1080.json

  • counter_config_720.json

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