Setting up OBS Scene Collections

Before you begin your OBS Scene Collection please review the following requirements, and considerations, and review the template file.

Requirements for OBS Scene Configuration

Layer Confusion with Text and Media:

The counter will have both text and media layers. Follow specific naming conventions for these layers, as indicated in the documentation, to prevent errors during parsing.

Code-sensitive Layer Naming:

The naming of your layers is crucial. Make sure that the names of layers used in the counter match exactly with the names specified in the documentation.

  • Text that is not related to count names should be clearly differentiated to avoid conflicts.

Template File:

Additional Considerations

Setting Defaults:

All count text layers need to have default numbers set when exporting your counter. These could be 0,0,0%,0 or if using fill 000,000,00%,000.

Secondary Animations:

These animations get triggered with the count but don't have to cover it. Their original purpose was to allow background layer animations. They have specific naming conventions, which are outlined in the documentation.


As our framework will continue to grow. Save yourself some future pain and maintain detailed documentation, project files, and all exported JSONs for future updates.

It's extremely important that you save a copy of your JSONs. These will be required for all future updates or fixes you are required to do as the Counter framework evolves.

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