Testing and Debugging

  1. Test the Counter out as if you were the customer using it. We will need to test in both 1080p and 720p scenes.

  2. Open OBS and navigate to Tools and then Scripts

  3. Click the + button to add the LUA script

  4. Locate the .LUA file and Open

  5. Verify that your Font is listed and the URL is working and then Import your Counter

  6. Now select the Scene to Add your Counter to in order to setup your hotkeys and test it out

  7. Setup your Hotkeys within OBS

    1. Open Settings and navigate to the Hotkeys section

    2. Search for "counter" to reveal the specific Counter Hotkey controls

  8. Test to see if the Hotkeys are working correctly

  9. Verify all animations, text layers, and variables are functioning correctly.

  10. Close OBS and reopen OBS

  11. Make sure everything is working as expected.

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