Specs for all platform Emotes that you might want to provide.

Emotes are the heartbeat of online interactions on streaming platforms, allowing viewers to express emotions, reactions, and sentiments visually. This guide reviews the specific requirements and specifications for emote packs across different platforms.

Twitch Static Emotes

  • Size Recommendations: Though the recommended size is 112x112px, files can be as large as 4096x4096px provided they meet the file size limit.

  • Manual Upload: In "manual" mode, you need three versions for each emote:

    • 112x112px

    • 56x56px

    • 28x28px

  • Format & Background: Transparent PNG.

  • File Size Limit: 1MB maximum.

Twitch Animated Emotes

  • Size Recommendations: Ideally 112x112px, but can stretch up to 4096x4096px if the file remains below 1MB.

  • Manual Upload: Similar to static emotes, provide three sizes for each animated emote. However, each size must be under 512KB.

  • Format: Square GIF.

  • Animation Length: Cannot surpass 60 frames.

  • Visual Constraints: Emotes should not "flash or flicker" more than thrice per second.

YouTube Emotes

  • Accepted Formats: PNG, JPEG, and GIF (Note: GIFs will be static, not animated).

  • File Size Limit: Shouldn't exceed 1MB.

  • Size Recommendations: Ideally 48x48px. However, emotes can be up to 480x480px, which will be automatically scaled down.

Kick Emotes

  • Accepted Formats: PNG or GIF.

  • Size Limit: Images must not exceed dimensions of 500x500px.

  • File Size Limit: Must be below 1MB.

Discord Emotes

  • Accepted Formats: PNG, JPEG, and GIF.

  • File Size Constraints: Files can be larger than 256KB, but will be compressed if they do.

  • Size Recommendations: Emotes should ideally be 128x128px for optimal display.

Product Files Packaging

  • File Organization: It's advisable to compress all the emote files into a single product folder.

    • To cater to multiple platforms, consider creating subfolders within the main product folder, segregating emotes by platform.

  • Platform-wise Emote Sizes: Ensure that you include each size variant of the emote suited for every platform you aim to support within the pack.

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