A guide to all things under the Overlays category on Marketplace

Overlays enhance the visual appeal and interactivity of a stream, encapsulating various graphical, video, and audio components. When submitting a Stream Package to the Marketplace, it's important to understand its categorization and the range of items it can include.

Stream Package Categorization

  • Overlays Category: When submitting a comprehensive Stream Package, it will be primarily categorized under the "Overlays" section in the Marketplace.

  • Broad Scope: While housed under the "Overlays" category, a Stream Package can, and often does, span several components that fall under various categories within the Marketplace.

Components of a Stream Package:

  • While specific categories are dedicated to certain graphics, some items might not have a unique category. These items will be clubbed and listed under the "Overlays" category.

    • Examples include certain types of badges, specialized icons, and other custom graphics tailored for a streamer's interface.

Importance of a Comprehensive Submission

By ensuring that a Stream Package is thorough and includes various elements from graphics, video, and audio sections, creators can offer a more complete and tailor-made experience to streamers. This uplifts the stream's quality and strengthens the streamer's brand identity.

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