Scene Collections

Creating Scene Collections and exporting them ready for packaging and uploading to Marketplace.

What is a Scene Collection?

A scene collection is a pivotal tool for streamers, offering a holistic setup that can be easily shared and implemented. To ensure a cohesive streaming experience, scene collections are comprised of various components like overlays, sources, and transitions.

  • Definition: A scene collection is a compilation of scenes and their associated sources, structured in a predefined manner. It represents the visual and interactive elements of a stream setup.

  • Usage: Streamers can swiftly switch between different scene collections depending on their needs, be it a gaming stream, a talk show, or a tutorial session.

Essential Tools

  • OBS Studio: One of the most popular open-source broadcasting software tools, OBS Studio allows you to create and manage scene collections effectively.

    • Export Functionality: With OBS Studio, you can export your scene collections into JSON, making it easier to share or back up your setups.

  • Streamlabs Desktop: This platform is integral for those wanting to delve deeper into customizations and integration with Streamlabs services.

    • Overlay File Creation: Utilize Streamlabs Desktop to produce a .overlay file, ensuring a streamlined integration of your scene collection with various streaming platforms.

Best Practices & Considerations

  • Simplicity: While adding numerous components is tempting, maintaining a balanced and clean scene collection ensures that the stream remains uncluttered and viewer-friendly.

  • Compatibility: Ensure your scene collections are compatible across different resolutions and platforms, providing a seamless experience for a broad audience.

  • Regular Backups: Given the intricacies and customizations involved, regularly backing up your scene collections can prevent unforeseen data loss or settings.

  • Documentation: If sharing or selling your scene collections, providing a detailed guide or documentation can assist users in understanding and implementing the setup effectively.

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