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Setting up a Scene Collection in Streamlabs Desktop

Streamlabs Desktop offers a streamlined and user-friendly interface for setting up scene collections. With similar functionalities to OBS Studio but additional features, setting up your stream visuals becomes even more intuitive. This guide will walk you through creating, managing, and exporting your scene collections in Streamlabs Desktop.

Creating a Scene Collection

  • Open Streamlabs Desktop

  • Navigation: Head to the far left of the interface and click the drop-down menu. From there, select "Manage Scene Collections."

  • Starting fresh: To start a new scene collection, click on the "New" button. (Note: Importing from other sources will be covered in a later section).

Scene Setup

  • Scene Creation: Set up various scenes for different purposes, such as overlays, specific screens, and social media integration, echoing the setup process in OBS Studio.

  • Scene List Structure: Your list of scenes within Streamlabs Desktop should closely resemble the structure and flow as you would find in OBS Studio.

Importing Assets

  • Direct Import: With Streamlabs Desktop, importing assets is a breeze. Copy your desired assets and paste them directly onto the canvas.

  • Animation Handling: Streamlabs Desktop simplifies the process for animations, automatically looping animated assets without additional configurations.

Adding Editable Text

  • Introducing Text Sources:

    • Navigate to the top of the sources panel and click on the "+" icon.

    • Choose "Text (GDI+)" from the dropdown.

    • Customize your text by adjusting font, size, and style.

  • Extended Font Library: A notable feature of Streamlabs Desktop is the inclusion of Google Fonts by default, expanding your creative possibilities.

Exporting Your Scene Collection

  • Initiate Export:

    • Click on the "Settings" option located at the bottom left corner.

    • Proceed to the "Scene Collections" tab within the settings.

    • Finally, click "Export Overlay File," which will allow you to save your scene collection as a .overlay file for future use or sharing.

Importing from OBS Studio

  • Seamless Importing:

    • Within Streamlabs Desktop, locate and click the "Import" option when you're in the scene collection window.

    • Streamlabs Desktop is designed to automatically recognize and import your OBS Studio scene collections, making the transition process seamless.

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