Source Files

Providing well-structured source files is paramount when offering graphics or animations for streaming and other digital purposes.

These files allow the end-user or customer to make necessary modifications, personalizing the product to their needs. This guide covers best practices when preparing Photoshop (PSD) files and introduces upcoming offerings related to After Effects (AE) templates.

Photoshop (PSD) Files

  • Folder/Layer Organization: Maintain a logical and clean folder and layer hierarchy. This aids the customer in navigating the file, understanding its components, and making edits.

    • Example: Grouping all text-related layers under a "Text" folder or all background elements under a "Background" folder.

  • Separation of Elements: Ideally, provide separate PSD files for each distinct item in a package. This minimizes confusion and makes the editing process more streamlined.

    • Example: For a stream package, webcam overlays, banners, and alert graphics would each have their respective PSD files.

  • Layer Accessibility: To facilitate easy edits:

    • Move commonly edited layers (e.g., text or color overlays) to the top of the layers panel.

    • Hide or lock layers that are crucial to the design and shouldn't be modified, ensuring accidental changes are avoided.

AE Files

  • After Effects Templates coming soon.

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