Panels serve as a way to convey information and promote various actions on streaming platforms.

Panels can act as clickable buttons or banners that direct viewers to specific links or provide necessary details about the streamer. Here are the specifications and best practices for panels on Twitch and Kick platforms.

Twitch Panels

  • File Size Limit: The image for the panel must be under 1MB.

  • Dimension Constraints:

    • The width of the panel cannot exceed 320px, and the height should be within 600px.

    • Any images larger than these dimensions will be automatically resized.

  • Variety and Versatility: Consider offering multiple sizes within your package, catering to different panel needs. For instance, some streamers may desire compact info panels, while others might need larger emote panels.

  • Ready-Made Panels: To cater to a wide range of streamers, include a variety of pre-designed panels that cover common uses, such as:

    • Social Media Promotions (e.g., Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)

    • Subscription and Donation Promotions

    • "About Me" or Bio Panels

    • Game Information or Schedule Panels

    • FAQ or Help Panels

    • Community Rules or Guidelines

Kick Panels

  • File Size Limit: The panel image should not exceed 4MB.

  • Dimension Handling: While you can upload images of various sizes, Kick will automatically scale them down to a width of 320px. The height will be adjusted proportionally to maintain the image's original aspect ratio.

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