Profile Art

Profile art is crucial in establishing a streamer or content creator's online identity, providing a visual representation across various platforms.

This guide offers the specifications and best practices for crafting profile pictures and banners tailored to multiple platforms.

Profile Picture

  • Aspect Ratio: The image should be square (1x1 ratio).

  • Resolution: A minimum size of 500x500px is recommended for clarity.

  • Variations: Consider offering different variations to cater to various platforms. This might include both square and "circle" or rounded versions.

  • File Size Limit: It's best to keep the image under 2MB for broader compatibility across platforms.

Twitch Banner

  • Recommended Dimensions: 1200x480px.

  • Scaling Consideration: Twitch will resize the image based on the viewer's window size. It's advisable to make the image as wide as possible but concentrate the primary content or information on the left side to ensure visibility.

X (formerly Twitter) Banner:

  • File Size Limit: Maximum 2MB.

  • Recommended Dimensions: 1500x500px.

  • Cropping Awareness: Depending on the viewer's screen size, up to 60px could be cropped from both the top and bottom. Therefore, centering most content is ideal to avoid hidden elements.

  • Profile Picture Overlap: Ensure primary information stays centralized to avoid being obstructed by the profile picture on X profiles.

YouTube Banner

  • Minimum Dimensions: 2560x1440px.

  • Safe Display Area: While the banner is large, the primary content should be concentrated within a 1235x338px area in the center to ensure it's displayed across all devices.

  • File Size Limit: The image must be 6MB or smaller.

Kick Banner

  • Minimum Dimensions: 1280x700px.

  • File Size Limit: Should not exceed 4MB.

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