Meet Stream Deck Neo

With Stream Deck Neo, everyday stuff becomes fast and fun. It’s got eight customizable keys that help you automate tasks and manage your apps. Plus an Infobar is set between two Touch Points, so you can tap between different key layouts.

Working smart has never been this simple:

  • Customizable: Tailor eight shortcut keys to fit your workflows

  • Automate tasks: Make repetitive daily routines fast and fun

  • Control apps: Manage your go-to tools, even when off-screen

  • Easy setup: Drag and drop actions in the free Stream Deck app

  • Sleek design: Made to minimize distractions and inspire creativity

  • Infobar: Displays essential info so it’s always a glance away

  • Touch Points: Tap between pages to reveal more actions

  • Marketplace: Explore thousands of digital community assets

  • Adjustable stand: Go upright or lay it flat with three orientations

  • Easy connect: Control other Neo products with a key press

  • Neo for nature: Made and packaged with less plastic waste

Neo Features

  1. Nylon braided USB 2.0 Type C cable

  2. Sensor Keys. Tap to navigate between pages.

  3. 8 fully customizable LCD keys

  4. Infobar / Multipurpose Display

Minimum software version: Stream Deck 6.6.0 or higher System Requirements:

  • Windows 10 (64-bit) or later

  • MacOS Monterey 12 or Llater

  • USB 2.0 Type C


Q: How do I develop Icon Packs for the Stream Deck Neo?

A: All of the Stream Deck devices utilize the same product. While the LCD buttons may vary in size, the software will always scale icons. Learn more about creating Stream Deck icon packs.

Q: Can the Stream Deck use profiles from the Stream Deck + or Mini?

Yes, except for SD+ dial actions. The Stream Deck Mini has a smaller canvas (6 buttons, 3x2) and will fit on all Stream Deck Neo devices.

Q: Can the Stream Deck Neo use profiles from the Stream Deck XL and MK devices?

No. While the software can open and view these profiles, the Neo only has 8 keys. Some profile actions and information will be cut off from profiles created for devices with a larger canvas.

Q: Can I program the sensor keys to control actions in the Plugin SDK?

The sensor keys can only be used for changing pages at this time.

Q: How do I edit the infobar?

Select one of the System or Navigation actions on the tab labeled infobar and drag them onto the infobar. You can change the multipurpose display to display customizable page headers and clocks that can be exported and shared.

Q: Will the customization I make to pages and the infobar export with a profile?

Yes! You can change the infobar settings, clock, style, and colors. This will export with your profile to match your profile icons and profile workflow.

Have another question about developing for the Stream Deck Neo? Join us on Discord.

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