EQ Presets

Elgato EQ presets are a great way to customize anyone's Wave Link experience. Clean up your sound or add some fun effects. The following page will help you create and export your presents for the Marketplace.

How to create a preset:

  1. To create a preset, you'll need the Elgato Wave Link software (Version 1.9.3 or newer) and the Elgato Equalizer audio effect (Version 1.2 or newer).

  2. Inside the Wave Link software, click your audio channel and add the Elgato EQ audio effect.

  3. Customize the equalizer graph to your own liking.

  4. At the top-left, there will be a save icon. Press it to save the preset and name it

  5. Find the preset in the folder below. It'll have the .xml file type and the name. PC Users: Go to C:\Users[your username]\Documents\VST3 Presets\Elgato\EQ Mac Users: Go to ~/Library/Audio/Presets/Elgato/Elgato EQ/

What is required for uploading to Marketplace?

  • Preset file in .xml format

  • Maker name: The name of the person e.g. Elgato, EposVox, etc

  • Title: A unique name for your preset that matches the name in the .xml file.

  • Description: A description of what the preset is for.

  • Support link: If someone has an issue with the preset, where can they contact you? This can be an email, Discord link, contact form, or something else for them to get in touch.

  • Thumbnail and Gallery Previews: A Thumbnail image and at least 1 Gallery image are required (You may use the same image for both thumbnail and gallery image)*. Video previews are also supported and highly recommended.

    • Thumbnail & Gallery Images must be 1920x960 resolution and .PNG format.

    • Preview Videos should be formatted in 1920x1080 resolution, .MP4 video format, and a max file size of 250MB. Each video will also need a video thumbnail of 1920x960 or else it will be cropped.

* Please do not display any URLs or social links on your images. You may use the Support Link section to direct customers to any set-up guides or contact information.

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