Become a Maker

A Maker is anyone who creates for the Elgato Marketplace.

Join the Marketplace Makers Discord Server! to stay in touch with our team for the latest Maker/Marketplace announcements. Meet other Makers, ask questions to the developers and get help creating products for the Stream Deck

How do I become a Maker?

Interested in creating products for the Marketplace and becoming an Elgato Maker? Please fill out a Maker Application Form. Someone on the Elgato Marketplace team will review your application in the coming weeks and get back to you about the next steps.

Are there any limitations on who can be a Maker? Anyone can become a Maker, regardless of their skillset (designer/developer/musician/etc).

Country Limitations: We are limited in our ability to onboard Makers from Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. This is due to country support for Stripe Connect, which is the service we use to handle profit sharing with Makers. We are working to provide support for Makers in these countries eventually.

Maker FAQ

What is the Marketplace payout split with Elgato? Elgato Marketplace operates on a 70/30 payment split, wherein you, the product owner, take 70% and Elgato takes 30%. See the section on Stripe Connect for more information on payouts.

Does Elgato own my images/software once I list them with the Marketplace? No. Elgato takes no ownership over your products when you list them on the Marketplace.

Can I still list my products on my personal store / Etsy / elsewhere? Yes. You are absolutely allowed to list your items elsewhere at the same time we have them on the Marketplace. We ask that you keep consistent pricing across all platforms.

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