Elgato's Fees

Elgato charges a Marketplace fee for platform development, maintenance, and continuous support, which is explained in detail below.

Elgato Marketplace adopts a 70/30 payment split system. This means that when you, as the Maker, successfully make a sale on the Marketplace, you obtain 70% of the revenue, while Elgato retains the remaining 30%. This split is designed to cover transaction costs and contribute to the upkeep, support, and development of the digital infrastructure required to run the Marketplace smoothly.

How It Works

1. Calculating Earnings and Fee

Suppose you priced your product at $100. When that product sells, Elgato's fee would be $30 (30% of $100), and your earnings would be $70 (70% of $100).

2. Stripe Connect Payouts

The earnings accrued ($70 in our example) are then disbursed directly to your bank account through Stripe Connect. You can learn more about setting up your bank details for Stripe Connect in our dedicated section on that topic.

Why Does Elgato Charge a Fee?

Elgato's primary goal is to facilitate a co-creative community where the Makers can showcase their products to a broader audience. To maintain the platform that allows this to happen, costs are involved.

The fees charged allow Elgato to:

  • Cover transaction costs: Each time a purchase is carried out on the platform, payment processors like Stripe charge a fee. Part of Elgato's commission goes into covering these costs.

  • Maintain the platform: Routine system maintenance helps ensure the platform runs smoothly and securely, giving you and the customers the best possible experience.

  • Develop new features: The Marketplace is constantly evolving with the needs of our Makers and customers. A portion of the fees goes into platform development and rolling out features that help you sell your products more effectively.

  • Provide continuous Maker support: To provide the level of Maker support that matches the quality of the products listed in our Marketplace, Elgato employs a dedicated team that requires resources to function effectively.

While the fee might seem like an additional cost, it's an investment into the stability and perpetuity of the platform. It ensures the Marketplace remains an effective ecosystem where Makers can reliably sell their products and users can shop with confidence.

By being a part of this co-creative community, Makers help contribute to an evolving platform tailored to their needs.

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