Stripe Connect

As a Maker on Elgato Marketplace, it's crucial to correctly set up your bank account details in Stripe Connect to ensure smooth and hassle-free payouts.

The Elgato Marketplace utilizes Stripe Connect for its payments. When signing up with Stripe, you will be asked to provide your bank account information to receive payments. Please ensure all this information is correct. When you make sales, Stripe will send direct payments to this account.

All Stripe emails will be sent to your Support Email on file. Because Stripe is where we also process refunds, this will be connected to your provided Support Email to keep your private information separate from Creators.

Stripe Payments:

  • Your Elgato Marketplace representative will send you a one-time link to connect our Stripe payment system to your bank account. Stripe will deposit directly into your account as you continue to make sales.

  • For issues regarding Stripe Payments, please reach out to your Elgato Marketplace representative.

Country Limitations:

We are limited in our ability to onboard Makers from Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia*. This is due to country support for Stripe Connect, which is the service we use to handle profit sharing with Makers. We are working to provide support for Makers in these countries eventually. * If you are in one of these countries but have a banking account outside of Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia, then we can work with you on getting connected with a Stripe account

Adding Bank Account for Payouts

To add your bank account information to your Stripe Connect account:

  1. Log in to the Stripe Dashboard.

  2. Select Payouts from the left navigation menu.

  3. Click Settings in the top right corner.

  4. Under Bank Accounts and Scheduling, click Add Bank Account.

  5. Choose your country from the drop-down list, then provide your bank details. The details required may vary depending on your country, but normally include your bank account and routing numbers.

Ensure the information matches exactly as it appears on your bank account records. Any discrepancies can cause delays in your payouts.

Setting Up Payout Schedule

After adding your bank account, you can choose how often you'd like to receive payouts. You can choose to receive payouts manually, daily, weekly or monthly. To change your payout schedule:

  1. In the Payout Schedule section, choose the preferred frequency.

  2. Click Save.

Please note that the payouts may take a few business days to reach your bank account due to banking procedures and holidays.

Verify Your Bank Account

Some banks require account verification before receiving payouts. Stripe will make two small trial deposits into your bank account if this is the case. You must confirm these amounts in the Stripe Dashboard to verify your account.

Receiving Payouts

Once everything is set, Stripe will deposit your earnings from Elgato Marketplace directly into your bank account based on the payout schedule you choose.

Receiving your well-earned payouts should be smooth and efficient with the correct setup and verification. If you need further assistance or have queries about Stripe Payouts, please get in touch with your Elgato Marketplace representative.

Upcoming additions to Stripe

  • With the upcoming Maker Console update, we will be adding ways to track what products you have sold.

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