Share your icon pack.

You can distribute your Icon Pack on Elgato Marketplace or host it yourself. On the Marketplace, your Icon Pack becomes discoverable when users interact with the Marketplace shortcut from the Stream Deck app, and updates are handled automatically for your users.


  • The information in the manifest.json must be accurate.

  • Name should be unique accurately represent the icon pack.

  • Description should accurately and completely describe the icons.

  • Author Who makes the icon pack? (this is a company or Maker name).

  • Version should follow the semantic versioning specification.

  • URL should point to the icon pack's homepage or README file where users can learn more about it.

  • At least 1 preview image must be included in the previews folder.

Submit Your Icon Pack

Once you've packaged your icon pack into a .streamDeckIconPack file, you can submit it for distribution on the store by sending an email to maker@elgato.com with the following:

  • Download: A link to download the icon pack.

  • User: A unique username or an email address.

  • Release Notes: What changed with the new version of your icon pack? (features/bug fixes)

  • Support: Where can users contact you if they have problems? (email, contact form, etc.)

  • Category: Under which category do you want to have your icon pack listed on the Marketplace? (only one category is allowed at the moment).

We are working on a portal, better known as Maker Console, to streamline this experience.

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