Icon Pack Man Tool

Step by step walkthrough of how to use the Pack Man Tool to package your icons into a compatible file for Marketplace


Before you begin, ensure you have the following:

  • Icon files (static and/or animated)

  • Access to the Packman Tool (https://iconpackman.elgato.com/)

  • Product details (description, product name, tags)

  • A 1x1 thumbnail/app icon file for each product

Step 1: Prepare Your Icon Files

  1. Create your icon pack following the specs on the previous page.

  2. You will need to make sure each icon has a unique name. For example, if submitting both animated and static icons in the same pack, using a prefix like "Animated-" to differentiate the icons.

Step 2: Open the Packman Tool

  1. Open the Packman Tool in your browser.

  2. Ensure that you have all the necessary icon files ready to be processed.

Step 3: Add Icon Files to the Packman Tool

  1. Drag and drop all the icon files you prepared in Step 1 into the Packman Tool.

Step 4: Fill in Product Details

  1. In the Packman Tool, locate the far-right detail boxes, which are used to provide product details.

  2. Fill in the following information for each icon:

    • Description: A brief description of the icon pack's purpose or theme, following the documentation on how to create a good product description.

    • Product Name: The name of the product associated with the icon.

    These will be the same as you submit for the product page.

  3. Fill in the "IconPack ID" following the structure given in the example: com."your Maker name"."your icon pack name"

Step 5: Provide Tags

  1. At the top of the icon section in the Packman Tool, you will find a bar for tagging.

  2. Tag all icons present simultaneously using the "Set all tags" button. Use relevant tags that describe the icons' functionality or theme, this will allow the customer to search for abstract things like "space" and your icons will show up in their Icon Library.

Step 6: Add your Icon Pack Icon:

  1. You will want to have a 1x1 Thumbnail image prepared ready to add to your Icon Pack that will display in the Icon Library once the pack is installed.

  2. You can drag and drop it into the "Icon" section in the top centre of the page.

Step 7: Generate a File:

  1. After filling in product details and tagging all icons, click the "Export IconPack" button within the Packman Tool.

  2. The resulting file will be a .streamDeckIconPack file that you will download automatically once processed. This is the product file that needs to be submitted to the Elgato Marketplace.

Step 8: Submit to Elgato Marketplace

  1. When submitting your Icon Pack to the Marketplace, you will want to use the .streamDeckIconPack file as your product file

  2. You will want to accompany this file with a copy of your product name, description, any product page tags you may want and relevant media previews.

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