Bundle your icon pack for distribution.

When you created your icon pack, you used an .sdIconPack folder, but when your icon pack is finalized you should share it using a .streamDeckIconPack file. If you are using IconPackman you can export the file directly, but you can also create a .streamDeckIconPack file using our DistributionTool.


The IconPackMan tool allows you to create your icon pack by dragging your icons into the app. It produces a compiled .streamDeckIconPack, which you can share and distribute on the Elgato Marketplace.

IconPackMan can be accessed right from your browser here.

Distribution Tool

Creating a .streamDeckIconPack file

Here is how you can use the DistributionTool to export the com.elgato.hello.sdIconPack icon pack:


DistributionTool -b -i com.elgato.hello.sdIconPack -o ~/Desktop/


DistributionTool.exe -b -i com.elgato.hello.sdIconPack -o Release

If the export is successful, you should see the following:

Validating and export the icon pack com.elgato.hello.sdIconPack
The icon pack has been successfully exported

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