Before you submit


On behalf of the Elgato team, we're incredibly excited to welcome talented creators to contribute to the Elgato ecosystem.

Makers like you help our community level up their content, workflows, and overall quality of life. You've taken the first step towards interacting with a highly engaged community, that rewards creators who can help them solve one, or any of their pain points.

Our mission is to create a fun, iterative environment for creators to build and for users to safely install and use those creations. The Elgato Marketplace is a global distribution network connecting users with the best digital experiences. By submitting a product through Elgato, you unlock a powerful distribution and discovery network. We empower creators to build innovative products of all kinds for users on their favorite Elgato devices or broadcast software. Developers, designers, tinkerers, and creatives of all kinds are welcome to create within the Elgato ecosystem.

To accomplish this, Elgato has an internal review team. The review team carefully reviews each submission to ensure each upload meets our guidelines set forth in this document.

You'll want to familiarize yourself with these guidelines for a quick, seamless, and smooth submission with us.

Before you submit

  1. Thoroughly test/review your product for any mistakes, bugs, or crashes (if applicable).

  2. Review your product description and supplemental media for completeness and accuracy.

  3. Double-check your contact details. This is necessary for both the Elgato team and users who use your product, in case they encounter issues or have a question. It's your responsibility to provide support for your product. A simple rule of thumb here is to provide either a support email address, or a link to your product's website/help center - or both.


When you submit your product to us, it's our goal to help you reach "published" status as soon as we can. This process can take between 4-10 business days, or sooner depending on response rates.

We will contact you via the Portal to notify you of our decision and/or feedback. If your product was rejected, you may re-submit again for review after making the necessary changes based on Elgato's feedback.

When Elgato users access the Marketplace, their expectation is that the product has been thoroughly tested, is safe to install, doesn't contain inappropriate content, and it's free of any software/hardware conflicts.

Any attempts of plagiarism, inappropriate content, misinformation, malicious intent, or data theft will result in the immediate removal of the product. This may include a ban from the upload Portal indefinitely. When in doubt, ask the Elgato team first.

Protecting our users

When publishing new products, we always want our users to feel confident that installing a digital product from the Marketplace is safe, vetted, and free of objectionable content.

We do not condone any products designed to be malicious or cause any damage.

Creators are not permitted to share account information with other users. This also includes selling, transferring, or assigning products that are not yours.

  1. Objectionable content

    1. Products should not contain content that is offensive, intended to disgust, upsetting or insensitive.

  2. Official API usage

    1. If your product leverages an API, it must be the official API from Elgato or a notable service. If you're not sure, please ask your Elgato review contact. We do not permit any products to install separate packages or libraries that manipulate Elgato apps.

  3. Creator contact information

    1. Your contact information must be up to date and represent the Organization you're submitting under. Any attempts to artificially represent an Organization that you are not a part of may result in being rejected and/or banned from the Maker program.

    2. Your contact information is used by both the Elgato review team for correspondence and users for any questions or support needs.


Through the Elgato Marketplace, it's our goal to help Makers build their brand and create new monetization opportunities through digital products.

Currently, we do not support subscription-based monetization or free trials for Creator products. Although, this may change in the future.

You may submit a product for free download or list as a paid product. If your product features a free version, you may cross-reference a premium/paid product within your listing. Any attempts to charge irrationally expensive products may be rejected. If you're not sure or have questions around product pricing, please contact us.

Products may not use their own paywalls or payment mechanisms outside of Elgato's. Any calls to action, links, buttons or miscellaneous methods to direct users to a 3rd party paywall will result in product removal and/or ban from the Maker program.

Under no circumstances are ads allowed or to be displayed on your product. Please do not insert graphical advertisements or ad networks into your product. It will result in product removal.

Product usability

We want all Maker products to be valuable and especially useful to the Elgato community. If your product is intended to make users uncomfortable or surface inappropriate content - it may not be approved.

  1. Remove placeholders

    1. Your product should not contain any temporary content or placeholders. It should be complete and function as intended. Any products that cause software or hardware conflicts will be removed from the Marketplace.

  2. Design

    1. Your product must be easily accessible. Be cognizant of a variety of limited motor skills or disabilities when creating your product. Do not manipulate or trick users into performing actions through invisible buttons, CTAs or otherwise.

    2. Original ideas only, please. Any copies of existing products from the Marketplace will be rejected. We don't want a Marketplace full of clones. Not only do you risk intellectual property claims, but it creates a poor user experience in the Marketplace.

  3. Performance

    1. If your product negatively impacts software or hardware interactions, it may be removed. An example of this includes a product that causes strenuous device CPU usage, unnecessary background processes, or bloated media sizes.

    2. Any products that unexpectedly stop working or offer a less-than-ideal user experience may be removed without notice while the feedback is addressed.

  4. Malware

    1. Malware is any code or object that could put a user, a user's data, or a device at risk. Malware includes, but is not limited to, Potentially Harmful Applications (PHAs), binaries, or framework modifications, consisting of categories such as trojans, phishing, and spyware apps, and we are continuously updating and adding new categories.

Your product is expected to conform with both the law and Elgato's policies. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure your product is not doing anything illegal. If you're unsure about the legality of your product, you should consult with a legal professional prior to submitting your product.

Please do not rely on these general guidelines to make sure you're in compliance with the law.

  1. Intellectual property

    1. Your product should only use content that you created or have a license to use/distribute. If your product leverages Creative Commons, you must disclose this information in the product description and product files.

  2. Elgato brand guidelines

    1. Please ensure your product adheres to the Elgato brand guidelines. Any products failing to adhere to these guidelines may be temporarily removed until any feedback is addressed.

If you have any questions or concerns around our review guidelines/process, please contact us.

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