Thumbnails and App Icons

Arguably the most important marketing visual, thumbnails and app icons are the first thing to catch the eye of a buyer. The image you submit should be representative of your product's style and functionality. In most cases, make sure you include the name of your product in the thumbnail image.

Remember, when creating a thumbnail or app icon image:

  • DO make the name or logo of your product the focus.

  • DO use a bold, readable font.

  • DO NOT make animations. Thumbnails must be static .PNG images.

  • DO NOT use copyrighted images that you do not own.

  • DO NOT use terms like "Official" in your images unless you are the IP owner.

  • DO NOT include text linking to external websites or social media.

App Icon Image Guidelines:

App Icons are used for Stream Deck Plugins. Your app icon image must be 288 wide by 288 pixels high in a .PNG format. The Marketplace and Stream Deck software uses a 1:1 ratio for app icons and will optimize/resize the image for various viewing sizes across devices.

Due to their size, aim for a clear and simple image/logo that is easily readable at smaller sizes.

Learn more about how to set up Stream Deck plugins here.

Examples of Marketplace thumbnails:

Thumbnail Image Guidelines:

Your thumbnail image must be 1920 wide by 960 pixels high (the same as Media Gallery/Previews) in a .PNG or format. The Marketplace uses a 2:1 ratio for thumbnails and gallery images and will optimize/resize the image for various viewing sizes across devices.

Visit the Elgato Media Room for official media kit images to use in your thumbnails and gallery images.

Examples of Marketplace thumbnails:

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