Description basics

Learn the essentials about writing product descriptions

Where are descriptions shown?

Descriptions only appear on product pages. They are found just below your title.

Why are descriptions important?

Strong product descriptions lead to more customers.

The fact is, most users won't select your product without an informative description. Images and videos may grab the user's attention — but they're unlikely to persuade them to buy or download.

According to a 2017 study, "detailed product descriptions" was among the top three features consumers look for before buying. There are a few reasons why this is the case:

  • They set expectations: Users want to feel informed before they select a product. Images and videos often don't capture key details — like specs, compatibility, and content. Descriptions help customers fill in the gaps and make educated decisions.

  • They build customer trust: Too often, users are burned by inaccurate product listings. A clear, transparent description helps customers avoid surprises — and buy with confidence.

  • They help your product stand out: If you're in a competitive market, descriptions can give you an advantage. When faced with a decision, users often favor products with more informative descriptions.

  • They help users visualize the product: Customers want to first envision themselves using your product. A strong description gives them a taste of the experience — before they've even selected it.

  • They show off your brand personality: Descriptions introduce an audience to your unique voice and style. This helps users connect with your brand — and makes your content more memorable.

  • They improve your SEO: Search engines like Google scan your description for relevant keywords. With the right SEO strategy, you could earn thousands of new customers from offsite search results.

Descriptions can make the difference between a sale for you — and a sale for another Maker. Take time with your description and show customers why your product is a good fit for them.

What should I include in my description?

The best descriptions tell customers a few key things about your product:

  • What it does

  • How they'll benefit

  • What makes it unique

  • Answers to important questions

  • What's included

Later, we'll go into more detail on each of these five pillars.

How long can my description be?

Your description can be up to 4,000 characters, spaces included.

What is the minimum length for descriptions?

There is no minimum description length.

However, the more detailed the description, the better a product generally performs. This is especially true for paid products.

Can I change my description later?

Yes, you can change your product description at any time.

All description changes will be resubmitted for review. Your description will not change until it has been approved by Marketplace staff.

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