Title basics

Learn the essentials of product titles

What is a product title?

A title is a product's primary name or identifier, as chosen by it's Maker.

Selecting a custom title is one of the first steps to uploading a Marketplace product.

Why are titles important?

Your title is one of the first things a customer will see. Generally, the more engaging your title, the more users will view your product.

Customers tend to identify and search for products using titles. The easier your title is to remember, the easier users can find your product in the future.

Titles also have a large impact on off-site SEO results. With some strategy and the right keywords, your title can help drive new customers from search engines like Google.

How long can my title be?

Your product title can be up to 30 characters long, including spaces.

In general, aim for shorter product titles. The longer your title, the more likely it is to be truncated (or shortened) on mobile devices.

Can two products have the same title?

Yes, the same title may be used across multiple products.

However, we recommend selecting a unique title where possible. In general, unique titles perform better than commonly-used titles.

Can I change my title later?

Yes, you can change your product title at any time.

In the near future, you will use the Maker Console to manage product titles. For now, contact your Marketplace representative to request a title change.

All title changes are submitted for review first. Until it has been approved by Marketplace staff, your title will not change.

Be cautious before changing titles. If your new title is too different, existing customers may have difficulty finding your product. Your original product title will no longer appear in Marketplace search results.

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