What else should I consider for my title?

To write a better title, consider the recommendations below

Use correct spelling

Your title should be free of any grammar or spelling mistakes. Be careful to proofread before submitting product info.

If English is not your native language, please take extra caution. Have an English-speaking friend or colleague review your product first. If that's not possible, use a free tool like Grammarly or Hemingway App to catch errors.

Don't be a copycat

Before you create a product title, do a quick search on the Marketplace. Are there any other products with the same or similar titles? Duplicate titles are not allowed. Are there any product titles that sound similar? If your title is too close to an existing one, it could be rejected.

Any attempts to steal traffic from an existing product via title manipulation is not allowed — and could result in punishments to your vendor account.

Use brand names correctly

If you have permission to use a third-party brand in your marketing, your product title cannot be a direct copy of the brand's name. It must be a unique identifier, adding additional words or custom stylization.


  • ❌ Zoom

  • ✅ Zoom Toolkit

  • ✅ Toolkit for Zoom

  • ✅ MyZoom

Use correct capitalization

Always use title case capitalization (APA) for product titles.

Here are some title case rules:

Capitalize the first letter of the first word.

Even if it's “The” or “A”.

Capitalize major words.

These include:

  • Nouns, verbs, and adjectives

  • Proper nouns (names, places, and brands)

  • Adverbs (e.g., "quickly", "well", "north", "here", "on", "in", "around", "close", "tomorrow", "really", "always")

  • Pronouns (e.g., "you", "we", "she", "all", "them", "him", "few", "they", "I", "it", "me", "that", "those", "who", "what")

Don't capitalize minor words.

These include:

  • Short (i.e., three letters or fewer) conjunctions (e.g., "and", "or", "but", "as", "for", "so", "yet")

  • Short (i.e., three letters or fewer) prepositions (e.g., "to", "in", "on", "off", "of", "for", "by", "at", "as", "up", "out")

  • All articles ("a", "an", and "the")

Capitalize all other words with four or more letters

Want to skip all the rules? Plug your title into one of these free tools. It will be automatically converted to title case. (Just remember to set your tool to APA rules.)

Finally, here are a few other capitalization mistakes to avoid:

  • Don't use all lowercase

  • Don't use ALL CAPS

    • Some exceptions will be given for brand names (e.g., OBS, NVIDIA, IFTTT, VLC), file types (e.g., PNG, AEP, GIF), and common acronyms or abbreviations (e.g., VST, SDK, IP, API, CPU)

  • Don't use capital letters for emphasis

    • ❌ Cinema 4D (FREE)

    • ❌ Crypto Ticker PRO

Consider external SEO

Many products will also be crawled and listed by search engines like Google and Bing. That means your product could receive traffic from sources outside the Elgato Marketplace. In many cases, this can be hundreds—if not thousands—of potential buyers every year.

Your title is an important part in determining your product's SEO success. It will usually be the search term—or keyword—customers are looking for. The more unique your title, the better chance your product will rank first or second in the results. And the higher your product ranks, the more customers will be able to find it.

Here's what happens when I search "Valhalla Stream Deck Icons" in Google.


The Elgato Marketplace icon pack ranks first. That's because it is a one-of-a-kind product title. There are no similar products or pages that we have to compete with. With little competition, it's easy to rank #1 in the results.

That way if a YouTube creator or streamer shouts out your product, viewers can easily find it on Google.

But what happens when I search "Crypto Ticker Plugin" on Google?


The Elgato Marketplace product doesn't even appear on the first page. That's because there are tons of competing crypto tickers, from WordPress widgets to Google Play apps to complete websites.

Now, if the product were instead named "Crypto Deck", it would be a completely different story. That product wouldn't have any difficulty ranking near or at #1.

There's much more to consider for external SEO, but this covers the basics of title optimization. To learn more, check out our SEO crash course guide.

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