What makes a good title?

To write a well-optimized title, consider the recommendations below

Be relevant

Your title should hint at what your product does, without being too obvious or abstract.

Be distinct

An original title helps your product stand out from others. The more generic your title, the more likely it is to be overlooked.

Be creative

A creative title is not only eye-catching. It also signals to customers that you put care and effort into your product.

Be simple

Avoid complex vocabulary. Not everyone is an expert or fluent in English. Write for a 6th-8th grade level audience.

Be memorable

The easier your title is to remember, the more customers will be able to recall it later when searching.

Make it easy to spell

If they can't spell your product title, users are unlikely to find when searching. Avoid non-obvious spelling changes, and take caution when using special characters.

The more your product title adheres to the guidelines above, the more likely it is to be approved by Marketplace staff.

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