Common terms used for Stream Deck.
  • Actions list: sidebar containing a list of all the actions provided by the installed plugins
  • Canvas: grid displaying the keys containing actions (the size of the grid will change depending on the device)
  • Property Inspector: form area, available to the currently selected key in the canvas where you can customize the icon, title, and action settings
  • Devices: dropdown showing available devices
  • Profiles: user-stored key layouts selected from a dropdown on the canvas
  • Store: store button that navigates to the app store where users can find plugins, assets, etc., to use with their Stream Deck
  • Preferences: opens a menu where you can change Stream Deck settings
Stream Deck Terminology
Stream Deck Application
Your plugin will appear in the Actions List under the Category you provided in your manifest.json. If you don't provide a value for the Category field in the manifest.json, the actions will fall under the Custom category. Most of the actions require a customized Property Inspector to gather settings information from the user.