Bundle your plugin for distribution.

During the development of your plugin, you worked with a .sdPlugin folder. However when your plugin is finalized, you shouldn't share this folder directly. Instead you should create a .streamDeckPlugin file using the DistributionTool. The DistributionTool tool validates your icon pack and produces a .streamDeckPlugin file which can be used for distribution.

DistributionTool for macOS:

DistributionTool for Windows 10:

Creating a .streamDeckPlugin file

Here is how you can use the DistributionTool to export the com.elgato.counter.sdPlugin plugin:


DistributionTool -b -i com.elgato.counter.sdPlugin -o ~/Desktop/


DistributionTool.exe -b -i com.elgato.counter.sdPlugin -o Release

If the export is successful you should see the following:

Validating and export the plugin com.elgato.counter.sdPlugin
The plugin has been successfully exported

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