An overview of the Stream Deck ecosystem.

Stream Deck Devices

Stream Deck is a USB peripheral providing several dedicated, programmable keys. Each key operates as a separate graphics display showing the key's function, status, or title. The Stream Deck exists in several forms:

Stream Deck (15 Keys)

Stream Deck Mini (6 Keys)

Stream Deck XL (32 Keys)

Stream Deck Mobile (iOS & Android)

Stream Deck Pedal (3 Keys)

Corsair Voyager

Stream Deck Software

The Stream Deck application is easy and intuitive to use. You can assign actions to keys and customize them with an icon and label. The application comes with some powerful integrations pre-installed, but you can find many more in the store! Add actions from the list to the canvas to get started.

When you connect a Stream Deck + device, you will be provided with a new list of actions displayed under the dials tab designed specifically for Stream Deck +'s dials and touch display.

Once the action is on the canvas, you can use the property inspector to customize the title and icon image.


In this documentation, we describe how you can create actions to extend the functionalities of the Stream Deck application. The SDK is designed to be:

  • powerful: execute your code using key events

  • simple: the communication uses JSON

  • language-agnostic: while you can create a plugin with any programming language that can connect to WebSockets, we recommend using javascript

  • secure: each plugin runs in a separate process

  • cross-platform: the SDK is available for macOS and Windows.

You can access the javascript SDK and template plugin below to get started!

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