August 18, 2023

Hello, Makers! Today's changelog is packed with exciting new features and essential bug fixes to streamline navigation, improve usability, and kick off our quality-of-life improvements.

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New Features & Updates

  • "Products" tab view: In the Elgato Account, we've unveiled a new "Products" tab view. Easily navigate your library of digital products, organized by extension, with card types defined for each extension and metadata.

  • Cart limit/user feedback: We've added a cart limit of 20 products at a time. A warning will appear if you're a power shopper and try to add more. This keeps things speedy and efficient under the hood.

  • Sticky Search Bar: We've updated the search bar to be "sticky" once you scroll down the page. Now, it's even easier to locate a product or product category no matter where you are in the Marketplace.

  • Keyboard and Mouse Support for Media Gallery: You can now use arrow keys to traverse through the gallery, hit ESC to exit, and click above/below the image area to close the gallery.

  • Sound Effects and Music Update: We've tweaked the search dialog to show the correct image for sound effects and music, and added the audio player component when you click on a result.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a bug where users were reporting incompatible operating system errors when installing plugins or icon packs from Marketplace to Stream Deck.

  • Addressed a bug where a Stream Deck plugin gave the same deep link for different plugins.

  • Corrected a bug where the navigation breadcrumb was incorrectly showing "Screensavers" on certain Stream Deck profile product pages.

  • Fixed a bug where you could not copy your entire order number in your order history. We've added a copy button to make this even easier.

  • We fixed an issue where the correct footer was not being displayed in the Account area.

  • We've updated the Connect your setup "Get started" CTA with the correct action to sign up for an account on the new user homepage variant.

  • Unsupported have been removed from the account currency selection options.

  • We've updated the account creation flow when using third party services such as Google, Facebook, Twitch, or Discord. Once the user authenticates with the third-party service, they will be redirected to a new screen to confirm their details, set their currency preferences, and accept the Marketplace's terms. You may notice this screen the next time you log in with one of these services.

  • Patched up a pesky image cropping issue discovered after our previous patch for video cropping.

  • Resolved an issue where the genre presets for Music were using incorrect links.

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