August 4, 2023

Say hello to the debut installment of the Elgato Marketplace's changelog! Your continued feedback, bug reports, and suggestions have been invaluable during the Marketplace beta. We appreciate you.

New Features & Updates

  • Introduce a new product category, Counters! Perfect for tracking those epic in-game moments. Using our new Counter Framework, these integrate smoothly with OBS and all Stream Deck devices. Interested in making your counter? Get in touch for early access to the framework!

  • We've streamlined the process to download a free product. Now you "get" the product and open the deep link modal in a single click.

  • We've spruced up web desktop layouts for improved responsiveness. They'll now adjust to window size and resolution like a charm.

  • "Learn" articles now have a published date that can be changed as needed. And by default, we're sorting by newest first because everyone likes fresh content.

  • We've implemented a "refund" state in the Elgato Account. It'll reflect if a customer has received a refund, and future access and updates for the product(s) will be removed.

  • Share and care just got easier. We've added share buttons to all our "learn" articles. Share the knowledge on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, or use the good ol' copy link button.

  • Check out our shiny new top bar! It's where users can switch between light/dark/system preferences, manage cookies, and get started with sign-in/up actions.

  • We've made fetching a user's purchased products faster with a new endpoint. No more missing "purchased" items beyond the last 100 orders.

  • We've overhauled the "Products" tab under Account, grouping products by category. And we've dealt with the ghostly "undefined" at the top.

  • The "drop zone" component is now smarter. It'll tell you if a file is too large or unsupported when uploading a profile pic. It'll indicate you've successfully uploaded a file afterward.

  • The Twitter rebranding to "X" has been updated across our Marketplace.

  • Stream Deck extension results will now be at the top of matching searches. Because no one likes to keep the good stuff hidden.

  • We've introduced automatic OS detection/filtering, so users only see products compatible with their system. The OS filter can also be manually overridden to reveal all available products, regardless of compatibility. While adding OS detection is a step in the right direction, there's still more to be done. We're aware of some lingering confusion about why certain products are featured to users on unsupported OS in various Marketplace carousels.

  • Cookie Management has arrived under the "Data and Privacy" tab in Account. Users can now control their cookies with the OneTrust cookie management system.

  • All policy page links have been updated to point to the right pages hosted on Elgato.

  • We're testing a new "browse by art style" visual filter on the /graphics page. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Bug Fixes

  • Video cropping issues have been taken care of. You'll now get the full view in the lightbox. h/t to G4K Motion for reporting!

  • We fixed a bug where searching for a "space" wasn't giving the "no results found" message.

  • We zapped a visual bug on the "show more/show less" hyperlink on product detail pages, and it's now behaving just right.

  • Non-decimal currencies (like VND) should be correctly displayed now.

  • The "delete" button in the Account area will now unclick itself after you hit submit. If it still has a mind of its own, please tell us about it.

  • When using the "show more/show less" feature on product detail pages, Safari users should no longer feel squished with overlapping text.

  • We fixed a mysterious bug revealing the "Get"/"Add to cart" buttons even when calls to succeeded-or-pending were unsuccessful.

  • No more shuffling back to the first slide when playing a video in full-screen at the end of the gallery carousel.

  • Video cropping issues have been taken care of. You'll now get the full view in the lightbox. h/t to G4K Motion for reporting!

  • The music playback bug is fixed! After selecting a new filter, music will stop automatically when you play a different audio or music product.

  • We've resolved the postal code issue in the payment edit form. Only necessary for countries that require it now.

  • We've managed some corner cases where users could create multiple orders for the same variants while the order status was pending.

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