October 31, 2023

Since our last update in August, we've implemented several improvements to enhance the Marketplace experience. From bug fixes to new features, discover what's new in this update.

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Welcome to our latest changelog! Since our last update in August, we've rolled out several more minor improvements to improve the Marketplace experience. From bug fixes to new features, this list has updates that make the Marketplace smoother and more user-friendly.

Take a look at what's new, and as always, let us know your feedback on these changes or what you'd like to see next!

New Features & Updates

  • Streamlined Shopping: To keep your cart tidy, items you already own will now be silently blocked from being added again, preventing any mix-ups.

  • Location Selection: After valuable feedback, we've refined the country dropdown to respect cultural contexts better. The term 'Select a country' is now 'Select a location,' with 'China' updated to 'Mainland China.'

  • Intuitive File Sizes: Bigger files now make more sense on product pages, as we've switched from MB to GB for anything over 999 MB, complete with clean formatting.

  • Enhanced Stream Deck Experience: With Stream Deck 6.4's launch, we've polished the deep link modal to offer clearer guidance and tailored download links for your OS, all for a smoother integration.

  • Dynamic Software Downloads: Deep link fallback pages now feature smart buttons that detect your OS and offer the latest software versions for Mac and Windows, streamlining your downloads.

  • Refreshed Marketplace Branding: The Marketplace logo has shed its 'beta' skin, signaling a new phase in our journey.

  • Accessible Hyperlinks in Articles: Hyperlinks now stand out with a fresh design, making it easier to spot and follow links in articles.

  • Simplified Currency Selection: Choosing your 'Preferred currency' is now a breeze with an alphabetically ordered list site-wide.

Bug Fixes

  • Shopping Cart Glitches: You can now remove products from your 'View cart' page without a hitch.

  • Carousel Navigation: The elusive left arrow in carousels has been corralled back into view.

  • 404 No More: Fixed the path to Storyblocks sounds/music from the Account page, leading you correctly to your auditory delights.

  • Search Bar Scroll Bug: Your page will now stay put when you type in the search bar, no more unwanted scrolls.

  • Session Stability: No more 'Bad Request' errors after browsing for a few minutes – a clear cookie and site data isn't needed anymore.

  • Enter Key Search: The 'Enter' key in the search bar is back in action.

  • Visual Polish: Hero videos and buttons now play nice with each other, with no more overlapping.

  • Footer Navigation: Clicking on footer links for Plugins or Profiles and switching categories won't leave you with an empty list anymore.

  • Site Map Generation: The sitemap is now being generated as intended, making the content more search-friendly.

  • Automatic Modal Closure: After a successful redirect, the deep link modal for products will now gracefully bow out on its own.

  • Carousel Consistency: Lightboxes on the Product Details page are back in smooth operation with a proper version of Carousels.

  • Font Styling for Markdown: Say goodbye to faux styling in text areas – new fonts including Univers Next Pro Italic ensure crisp, clear text across the board.

  • Home Button Visibility: The Home button now stands out, even when searching for the elusive non-existent products.

  • Article Linking: Buttons are fully functional, taking you to the articles you're interested in.

  • Search Bar Alignment: The Search Bar stays centered on screens below 1024px, keeping the layout neat.

  • Article List Layout: The ArticleList component now passes labels to the Carousel correctly, preventing any layout mishaps on smaller screens.

  • Empty State Displays: If your filter search turns up empty, a friendly 'no results' message will now let you know.

  • Article Navigation: The sticky side nav for articles stays highlighted, guiding you through your selections smoothly.

  • Clearing Purchased Items: No need to manually remove purchased items from your cart after logging in – we've automated that for you.

  • Third-Party Connection Removal: Disconnecting third-party services is now a hassle-free process.

  • Product Card Hovering: Hovering over product cards no longer causes filter overlap, ensuring a smooth browsing experience.

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